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F&P Simplus™ Full Face Mask

Category: CPAP Full Face Masks

All sizes available

The F&P Simplus™ Full Face Mask incorporates three key components, the RollFit™ Seal, ErgoForm™ Headgear and Easy Frame, all designed to work in harmony. In combination, these components offer the comfort, seal and easy use that Fisher & Paykel Healthcare masks are known for.

Features & Benefits:

- Easy to wear, see and sleep
- Low-profile frame is stable, durable, small and ensures clear line of sight
- One-frame-fits-all-seal-size and has an 'Easy-Clip' Frame attachment for effortless assembly after cleaning
- ErgoForm™ Headgear's stretch and non-stretch panels provide structure and support for optimal usability and performance
- Breathable headgear self-locates high on the rear of head, allowing maximum head movement without mask dislodgement
- RollFit™ Seal is Auto-adjusting to optimize an effective, comfortable seal
- One piece seal ‘rolls’ back and forth on the bridge of the nose
- Automatic adjustment minimizes pressure on the bridge of the nose
-  Advanced Air Diffuser is designed for minimal noise and draft

Award Winner!
The F&P Simplus™ Full Face Mask won the Purple Pin prize awards at the 2014 Best Design Awards and the HME Business 2014 New Product Award.

Manufacturer Note: Rx Required

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